Warranty Policy

Every single item purchased from New Age Electronics is brand new and comes with a warranty at no additional cost. The item that you purchased is protected in two different ways: 1) by our shipping warranty, and 2) by our warranty covering manufacturer defects.

Our shipping warranty:
Our shipping warranty covers any damage incurred during the shipment of any unit from New Age Electronics to the shipping address on your order. The shipping warranty must be claimed within 3 business days of receiving your order (due to the propensity of abuse by unscrupulous individuals who, in the past, have used our shipping warranty to cover their own mishandling of purchased items). Simply contact our customer service department to report any shipping damage, and we’ll submit a claim with our shipping carrier (UPS). Most cases of shipping damage result in us replacing your item with a brand new one.

Our Warranty against Manufacturer Defects:
Our warranty term covering manufacturer defects is equal to the term of the manufacturer’s own stated warranty, up to and including a maximum of 3 years. Each manufacturer has a different warranty term and stipulations for each range of products, and often have different terms and stipulations per model. Please refer to the manufacturer’s warranty declaration for the model that you purchased, to obtain the actual terms and stipulations for that model (each manufacturer has their warranty information available on their respective websites). Additional warranty stipulations followed by New Age Electronics are also equal to those of the manufacturer warranty, including stipulations about parts and labor, and disqualifying elements such as accidental or neglegent mishandling of the device by the user, such mishandling resulting in the damage of the device.

If your item fails during the term outlined in this warranty declaration, and falls within the scope of the associated stipulations, you may contact our customer service department within said term to begin the process of return authorization. We keep detailed records of every purchase, so you only need to supply your name and address for us to find your past order(s) in our extensive customer database.