Warranty Policy

Every single item that we sell includes a three year warranty, at no additional cost to you.

If your unit fails within the warranty period, simply email us your name, the date of the sale, and the problem that you're experiencing. We will first help to troubleshoot the problem, just in case it's a matter of user error. If the unit requires warranty replacement or service, we'll approve your return authorization and you can return the unit to us for warranty replacement or service (not for a refund).

Once we receive your item we will inspect it to make sure the problem is legitimate, as sometimes ‘problems’ with a unit can be due to operator error. If we find no problem we will ship the unit back to you at your expense. If we confirm the problem, we will begin processing the unit as a legitimate warranty return.

Any item that was delivered one month (max) before the date that you contact us will qualify for replacement by a brand new unit. Any item that was delivered more than one month before the date that you contact us (but less than the warranty period) will qualify for repair rather than replacement, and we will handle the repair using a warranty center that is authorized for servicing the brand which you purchased. You are required to cover the shipping to us, and we in turn cover the cost of return shipping to you.

Typical turnaround time for warranty swaps (DOA or less than one month in use) is 10 days plus shipping time, and for warranty repairs the turnaround time is variable, dependent upon the actual problem, parts availability, backlog, etc.