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REL S/510 - Subwoofer, Piano Black

Color: Black Gloss

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Powered Subwoofer
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S/510 takes REL’s compact-medium chassis concept to reference-like levels of performance and does so with style, power and incredible speed. It delivers incredible levels of all ‘round performance. S/510 allows those with less space, or when pairing with high end speakers that are slightly less robust to have a perfect dance partner when the S/812 is simply too much of a great thing.

Compact Package
For S/510, every aspect of the previous generation’s inner workings were examined without regard to its critical and customer-driven success. We turned a fresh eye to power requirements, driver improvements, and specialty filters, upgrading each-to extract all the extra performance possible. All this alongside the cabinet refinements necessary for those upgrades to emerge cleanly. This latest S range is a triumphant development that has exceeded every expectation of our design team.

Our requirements were for far stronger deep bass output between 20-35 Hz, vastly improved theatre dynamics, and an even more open and spacious soundfield which benefits both music and film. We turned to our NextGen 3 amplifier, tuned to 500 watts with substantial reserves of power, added a light film of carbon fibre to the rear of the driver to handle the extra power, and developed two new sets of custom filters to extract the utmost in brute force and spaciousness. Finally, we imbued S/510 with the ability to be stacked in 4- or 6-unit line arrays, just like our reference models.

S/510’s Bass Engine
S/510 required upgrades to its ContinuousCast™ Alloy Cone to allow it to survive its massive power upgrades. To permit its thin, aluminum cone to survive 500 watts and incredibly long stroke, we added an ultra-lightweight backing of pure carbon fibre strategically placed over portions of the rear surface of the cone. This produces two benefits; it strengthens and stiffens the cone and also eliminates reversion, wherein the backwave inside the cabinet is now prevented from interfering with the main launch of bass into the room. The result is more accurate and far louder deep bass.

SuperProgressive™ passive radiator
Our uniquely tuned passive radiators use special suspensions, now with an additional 8mm of linear travel, to produce performance unlike conventional subwoofers. Our new SuperProgressive™ passive radiator produces extremely long travel allowing for very loud output while retaining the variable stiffness of its suspension. This allows it to act like a sealed box compact 12” design at low volumes and a high output 14” design at its limit.

Front-firing active driver, down-firing passive
Active Driver Size & Material
10 in. (250mm) long throw, Continuous CastAlloy™ cone structure, die cast alloy chassis
Passive Radiator Size & Material
12 in. (300mm), Carbon/Carbon flat cone structure, steel chassis
Low Frequency Extension
-6 dB at 20hz
Input Connectors
High Level Neutrik Speakon, Low Level (2) RCA, (1) LFE RCA, (1) LFE XLR
Output Connectors
High Level Neutrik Speakon, (1) LFE RCA or (1) LFE XLR
Power Output
500 watts (RMS)
Amplifier Type
NextGen 3 Class D
Wireless Capability
REL AirShip II (sold separately)
Dual Parametric Filter
Protection System
Fully Electronic Set Safe
D.C. Fault
Output Short
Mains Input Voltage
220-240 volts, 110-120 volts for certain markets
5 Amp semi delay 220 volts operation 9 Amp semi delay 120 volts operation
W x H x D
15.7 x 16 x 18.25 in., (400 x 410 x 464 mm) Add 1.75in (44.5mm) in depth when using Hi Level connector
Net Weight
70 lbs. (31.7 kg)
Piano Black Lacquer, Gloss White Lacquer 8 coats
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